A Pause 4 Applause is inspired by #ClapForOurCareers/#ClapForNHS, a movement begun by Annemarie Plas in the UK designed to thank all of the heroes still working in healthcare and other essential industries to keep us healthy and safe, and to make life manageable in this COVID-19 crisis worldwide. (https://clapforourcarers.co.uk/)


The idea for global inclusion of this beautiful tribute was a happy accident. Los Angeles-based film producer and special effects makeup artist, Lisa Hansell, was being interviewed by U.K.-based writer, Carla Buckingham, on April 2nd, 2020 at 8pm when London burst into cheers and fireworks. Lisa was thrilled and moved to be included remotely in this show of gratitude, so much so that she made it her mission to try to make it a global celebration. 

"Knowing that I was cheering for these brave men and women right along with people from halfway around the world was such a deeply moving experience! Right away I imagined amplifying that feeling for everyone. As terrible as this situation is, it does unite us in a way we've never seen before. We can also be united in gratitude."

Lisa created the hashtag #APause4Applause and, with the help of her friends, hopes to inspire others to join in and say thank you at the same time, wherever you are! 

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