Ten straight weeks of gratitude has now come to a close, but we remain forever grateful for the essential heroes who put themselves at risk for the rest of us during the

COVID-19 pandemic.



Let's unite our time zones and MAKE SOME NOISE in solidarity and gratitude for healthcare workers and other essential personnel working to keep us healthy and safe, making the COVID-19 pandemic crisis more manageable.  They are true heroes, and we salute them!

US/Canada times:

Pacific - 12 noon

Mountain - 1pm

Central - 2pm

Eastern - 3pm

EU times:

Sync with London's 8pm tribute!

Don't see your zone?

Here's help:   https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/


It's one small thing we can do for morale everywhere. And we can do it together with our neighbors! This event coincides with the UK time/day for #ClapForNHS/#ClapForOurCareers already underway. Let's come together with our peeps from across The Pond and be thankful together!


**Make an even bigger impact by following all guidelines for COVID-19 safety from reputable sources.**

Make Noise!

Find the proper time in your zone to join in every Thursday and clap, whistle, shout, bang on pots and pans...while safely social distancing!

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Stay Informed


Help our heroes even more by keeping up with the latest and by following safety guidelines: